The Functional Spirituality Mentorship

Transform your life with deep meditation, trauma resolution and the intimate support of a guide.

We have all tasted the stress of living in survival mode.

We are sick of wasting time and money going in circles or getting distracted.

If we don't improve, self-doubt weighs us down, spiralling our mind and body downward.

Yet the healthiest, happiest version of yourself exists ahead of you, all you need is the right guide and the right path.

We need ...

✔ A skilled mentor that is invested in our success,

✔ A community that fills us with a sense of alignment, and

✔ A simply, functional path to walk that produces results in our daily life

The Functional Spirituality Mentorship

Establish peace and confidence in your daily life.

The Functional Spirituality Mentorship is your chance to work intimately with Ava to transform your life. You will receive 6 months of 1:1 mentoring with Ava, while you study the powerful Functional Spirituality 3 part method. 

Heal, optimise your life and awaken to your True Nature, in a loving container.

Experience the power of an experienced guide holding your hand, plus the upward momentum of community-based spiritual practice (sangha).

Places are limited to ensure you have the intimate support of our lead trainer and mentor, Ava Irani, supporting you to integrate and embody the wisdom teachings.

With the right tools, support and wisdom you will thrive!

3 Part Method of Functional Spirituality

Healing: Resolving complex stress and trauma lead to unnecessary suffering.

Expression: Cultivating values of spirit, optimal living, and connection to purpose.

Mystical Self-Enquiry: Awakening to the Truth of "I am", our essential nature as Aware-Being and integrating it into life.

Commitment to healing and Self-realisation.

Do you feel like you're working at it alone?

When was the last time someone asked you what you really want and need?

In TFSM, you will work directly with a compassionate and skilled mentor. You will receive the perfect blend of 1:1 mentoring, yoga study & group relating.

Working directly with Ava will provide a sword to cut through self-doubt and confusion that slows progress and fuels unnecessary suffering.

With the right effort, support, intention, love and education, you can succeed.

To get started:

✔ Listen to the Podcast or free workshop to feel if Functional Spirituality aligns with you

✔ Reflect and connect with yourself by filling out the application form

✔ Receive a recommendation from Ava about which course or free training is most suited to you

Mentorship includes

6 month individual and small group mentoring, plus

  • 2 hours of 1:1 coaching per month with Ava

  • Unlimited WhatsApp with Ava

  • 3 Self-paced online courses with accountability

  • 20+ Live-stream yoga & meditation classes per week via Spanda School

  • Group calls for relational training and healing

  • Purpose and/or business coaching with Ava

  • Certification of completing Functional Spirituality mentorship and training

  • Life-changing training in meditation, yoga, spiritual awakening and trauma resolution

6 monthly payments of $700 or $3990 upfront

To get started:

✔ Listen to the Functional Spirituality Podcast to feel if the trainings and material are in alignment

✔ Reflect and connect with yourself by filling out the application form

✔ Receive a recommendation from Ava about which course or free training is most suited to you

Connect and Thrive

We've customised our application form as an exercise for you to get to know yourself better. Click the button with no obligations. Let's see what your next steps are.

Your Mentorship includes

access to the below programs during the 6 months

Ava Irani, Your Teacher

Founder of Spanda School & Functional Spirituality

Ava’s yoga journey started in 2008 when she tasted her first savasana at the end of a 90 minute hot yoga class in Sydney, Australia. She was hooked, and became part of the furniture at the local studio while studying communications and philosophy at the University of Sydney.

In 2011 she completed her first 500hour yoga teacher training, along with her very first 10 day silent meditation retreat. From there, her spiritual journey became a full-time career as she lived and studied abroad at the Hridaya yoga centre in Mexico and Agama in Thailand.

After over 2000 hours of yoga teacher training, retreats and study programs, she opened her studio Spanda School, Fremantle, Australia in 2016. Spanda School is the home of an open-hearted community of 100’s of yogis across W.A. who call the urban sanctuary a second home.

In 2020, she launched her online school and podcast called ‘Functional Spirituality’, aimed at integrating profound yogic experience into daily life.

She lives in White Gum Valley near Fremantle with her Fiancé Jarred of Kommunity Brew, and their pet Honey.

To learn more about Ava, listen to episode #33 on the Functional Spirituality podcast (A little more about me).

Spiritual practice in modern life is more relevant than ever

The Ingredients for Success

♥ An individual approach – Functionality always starts with revisiting intentions and the deeper motivations behind your practice – that’s where the power is! After filling out your questionnaire, Ava will sit with you to make a plan for your retreat.

♥ Group relating – When we navigate relationships successfully, fresh energy and healing pours into our life. We will use simple and powerful trainings to be more present in relating. Everything in life is a relationship.

♥ Expert Support – Weekly teachings, 1:1 support and guidance. Drawing from experience in big yoga organisations, running a yoga school and practicing many systems in their depth, we want to share the lessons that have made a big impact for us and our community.

♥ Subconscious Reprogramming – Your experience of life is a habit. Yet, habits are rarely chosen consciously. Find out what deconditioning is and how to do it.

♥ Mindset – Yoga and meditation help to bring awareness to our thoughts, patterns, behaviours and outcomes; knowing how to control the mind and optimise your thinking is the key to experiencing life in FLOW.

♥ Yoga & Meditation – Do you know how important it is to keep the body and mind healthy? This is your opportunity to cement a practice you love for strength, clarity and rest. Bringing the depth of retreat into your home.

♥ Non-dual Tantric Philosophy – This ancient philosophy teaches us exquisite ways of connecting to the wisdom of the Heart. Deep meaning and connection to the Infinity is the cornerstone for fulfillment in our lives.

♥ Expression and Purpose – Fulfilment comes from being connected to the inner pulse that moves us – our purpose in each moment. We discuss at length how to live in this changing world, fully expressed. We form a network of support, love and opportunity around you, for you to rise up.

♥ Long Integration Period – You will be supported to try different practices and teachings to customise your results.

Start your journey today


Meg Packer

Through attending The Functional Spirituality Retreat, I have gained so much confidence within myself and my ability to take the steps needed to achieve any goals I give myself. I’ve benefited so much from the conscious conversations with my peers. I live in small rural town, so having the opportunity to have real genuine discussions with like minded people has filled me with so much joy and purpose. Attending this program has not only opened doors for me as a small business owner, but also provided the steps and coaching to step through those doors and navigate an ever changing landscape.

Beau Wilson

I have attended two 4 day silent retreats with Ava. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every peaceful moment. The location was stunning, cosy and uplifting. The food absolutely mouthwatering and nurturing. But Ava’s guidance and spiritual wisdom is what made a significantly transformational impact on my experience. I returned home feeling freshly rejuvenated and inspired. I am forever grateful for these experiences and for Ava’s calm confidence and loving energy. Please do not hesitate to experience it for yourself if you too feel called.

Aahana Wellness

I recently completed the Meditation Teacher Training at Spanda and cannot recommend it more highly to anyone wishing to undertake such training. I had travelled to India 12 months prior seeking traditional knowledge of meditation and yoga… little did I know that such an amazing yoga school was on my doorstep in Perth!! I finished the course with a thorough understanding of meditation in its traditional sense, and with a thorough understanding and confidence on how to effectively guide individuals into meditation. I give my thanks to Ava for creating such a course & sharing her knowledge with the community. Ava is a truly amazing teacher who is genuine in heart and truthful in integrity – and Spanda Yoga School is a reflection of this. Spanda is the most grounded and authentic yoga school I have attended in Perth and it’s beautiful community of heart centred members is a testament to this. We are very blessed to have Spanda and such authentic teachings available to us. Love, light & happiness to all.


Joining the program is one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks for the ongoing loving support! So good to have you (and the team) by my side. This journey has been so valuable for me. I feel that I'm stronger and better equipped to hold myself when I'm feeling low.

Low-Income/Unemployed Pricing Option

For those who genuinely cannot afford to participate in the mentorship at full price, we offer a discounted option upon application only. Apply below and you will be contacted directly.


  • How does it work?

    You are welcome to book a clarity call to begin with to ask any questions and help us decide together if this is the right program for you.

  • What happens first?

    Upon signing up, you will be given access to our online platform. You will start with a questionnaire and an opportunity to reflect and connect with your deeper motivations.

    Not everyone has the same lifestyle, commitments or goals. Depending on where you are now, Ava will construct a roadmap for you to enter into the course. We will be supporting you, understanding you and connecting to you. The journey is not meant to be perfect, but its meant to be walked, with community, and now is the time to start.

  • What is included?

    This program offers both study and practical components. You will receive access to a vault of yoga classes, workshops, study units and guided meditations, as well as your own schedule based on your unique goals and aspirations. On-going live teachings happen in the private Facebook group, where you have access to your mentors and teachers as well as the community. Monthly workshops and group heart circles are one of the simplest yet most potent way to develop presence and communication skills that will transform the way you show up in daily life.

  • How can I purchase?

    Use your credit card to choose a payment plan or pay in full option.On the monthly payment plan, your card will be debited once per month. Bank deposits are possible for pay in full option.

    Once you pay you have access across any and all devices you own. Any files that are downloadable are yours to keep as well. Should any payments fail and not be reinstated within 24 hours, then your account will be paused and you will be contacted. The regular payments must be completed for the full access as per either your 6 or 12 month plan. We welcome members to start with 6 months and experience the results first hand. If you decide you want to upgrade to 12 months, we have discounted options for you to do so at any time.

  • Can I attend this program at another time?

    Due to increasing demand of Ava’s programs, this will be the last time this course will be offered at this price. A common remark from retreaters is that they sincerely wished that they had come on retreat sooner, that the self-discovery was priceless and the motivation to live from the heart will never be lost.

  • I am so interested in this offering, but I cannot afford it at this time. Is there anyway for me to join?

    We do have options available for unemployed or low-income earners. Please get in touch if this is your circumstance. Please note that if you are usually a mid-high income earner and are in between jobs, this option is for those who genuinely cannot afford it, and there are limited scholarship places.

  • Do I require any special software for the course?

    No. The course will be hosted on Thinkific. No additional software is required.

  • What currency are payments charged in?

    All payments are charged in Australian Dollars and include GST for Australian Residents.

  • Copyright

    The course material is copyrighted and passing on or sharing the course material to another party is prohibited.