The Functional Spirituality Retreat

The complete 3-part method delivered conveniently to transform daily life.

Functional Spirituality

Is a one-of-a-kind system to deepen, accelerate and simplify your spiritual practice.

Functional Spirituality brings together the ancient philosophy of non-dual Consciousness, with a grounded approach for daily living in our current time.

 The Foundational Teaching that underpins the practices of this system is as follows:

1. What we are is ALL THAT IS: a vast reality beyond time and space, experiencing itself as an individual expression of ALL THAT IS.

2. Through various metaphysical, anatomical and cultural conditioning structures, we take our selves to be an individual mind-body organism.

3. Yet, what we actually are is an infinite source of Consciousness, experiencing our self as an individual mind-body organism, capable of knowing itself as well, our True Nature.

Functional Spirituality Method

In FS, we consider the long-game.
The life-long path of evolution has 3 parts which all need attention:

  • Holding Space for Healing

  • Cultivating Higher Qualities

  • Recognition of True Nature

Functional means

that it changes how you function in your daily life.

We live in a complex time, in complex bodies.

A functional approach transforms how you relate to life. 

Your body, thoughts, emotions and experiences are improved by increased connection, presence and wisdom. In the Tantric tradition, this is called "Adult Spirituality" and the results are clear and guaranteed with the right practices in place.

The Podcast

An offering of honey for your ears. Enjoy this collection of retreat talks, short teachings, guided relaxations and meditations. The time to practice is now, and it couldn't be easier.
Ava Irani - Functional Spirituality Podcast

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