Integrate spiritual practice into daily life

A small commitment can bring big results.

Practicing from home has different challenges from handing yourself over to an in-person studio or retreat.

You will experience immense benefits as you carve your own path of spiritual practice. Its not as easy as having someone else do it for you. 

Its a necessary step however to experiment and mould your practice into your daily life.

And this is the perfect support!

Get resourced!

Enjoy an on-demand library of yoga classes, live trainings and workshops to support you to make meaningful changes in your life.

What's included?

Our resource library updated weekly with classes and workshops

  • Yoga classes: Vinyasa, hatha & yin

  • Affirmations & meditations

  • A vault of workshops and trainings from Ava

  • Embodiment Sessions

  • Gentle and strong yoga practices

Practice at home or on holidays

Alone, with family or a friend!


Meg Packer

To have access to an ever expanding resource library when you live in a small country town and can't attend in person classes has been life changing to say the least!

Beau Wilson

Ava’s guidance and spiritual wisdom is what made a significantly transformational impact on my experience. Please do not hesitate to experience it for yourself if you too feel called.

Aahana Wellness

Ava is a truly amazing teacher who is genuine in heart and truthful in integrity – and Spanda Yoga School is a reflection of this. Spanda is the most grounded and authentic yoga school I have attended in Perth and it’s beautiful community of heart centred members is a testament to this. We are very blessed to have Spanda and such authentic teachings available to us. Love, light & happiness to all.


I feel that I'm stronger and better equipped to hold myself when I'm feeling low. Having access to these resources is so beneficial.