Healing Complex Trauma

Have you suffered?

My guess is Yes! The important question is, could it be avoided?

It's not just you though. Our whole society is dysregulated. Out of balance, out of touch with nature. But where does it come from? And what imbalance and suffering is necessary? For sure we want to avoid unnecessary suffering, but can we?

In this free workshop

I will answer these questions and share the missing pieces of how to optimise your spiritual practice and your daily life by understanding complex trauma.

I say missing pieces because I spent years doing HEAPS of spiritual practice. I got really far in my spiritual states and even in my worldly pursuits. But the missing pieces came knocking on my door, HARD, and totally derailed me for almost 2 years. 

I wish I had known about complex trauma. It is a total game-changer and I can’t wait to share more about it in this free workshop.

Learn about the root cause behind physical, mental and emotional imbalances and start the path to seriously getting on top of them.


With so much confusion surrounding the topic of healing in spirituality

join me to learn about complex and developmental trauma and the role of de-conditioning

  • Where suffering comes from

  • How it affects emotions and the body

  • The 7 steps to functional healing

  • Different approaches to healing

Ava Irani

Your Teacher
Founder of Spanda School and Functional Spirituality

Ava first came into contact with physical yoga in 2008 while studying philosophy at the University of Sydney.

In 2010, Ava started attending long-form spiritual retreats in Australia, Thailand and India. Since 2013, Ava has taken hundreds of meditators into the deep silence and truth of the Heart, in both intensive and long-term study retreats. In 2016, she opened her yoga and meditation centre "Spanda School" in Fremantle, dedicated to bringing, both, non-dual wisdom and personal flourishing into everyday life.

It is Ava’s greatest joy to guide others and herself along the path of Spiritual transformation, aligning with life’s purpose and connecting to the Spanda or the innate enthusiasm of our hearts.

With a degree in Philosophy from the University of Sydney and considered as an academic with a thirst for spiritual knowledge, Ava has an innate gift for teaching and a generous attitude that touches each of her students in a loving way. Your time spent with Ava will bring a new inspiration to your life!

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