It's more important than ever to ground.

When done correctly, meditation brings peace, connection and confidence into your life.

Interested in meditation but can't seem to find a doorway in?

Even when people do practice regularly, it doesn't always lead to the results!

Start Meditation breaks down the ultimate keys for meditation in the simplest way possible. With expert support and step-by-step guidance, you will experience meditation in your daily life.

When you feel inspired and clear on the instruction, motivation naturally increases.

Ready to REALLY Start Meditation?

Starting something new can be difficult without the right support. In this course you will receive:

  • 9 Teaching modules delivered every other day

  • 9 Meditations that support what you are learning

  • 6 Months access to review content and deepen your practice

  • A supportive space for you to experience effortless meditation

Connect to the sweetness of life

Learn meditation to connect to the most fundamental level of your existence.

Without a practice that nourishes you, we fall prey to the downward spirals of life...

Stress, anxiety and depression

Feeling lost, alone or empty

Feeling stuck in life, work and relationships

Repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour...

It is more important than ever to cultivate a practice that supports you to reach your highest potential. 

Meditation is the pause in your life where you nourish yourself.

Meditation is the greatest opportunity to relax and heal.

Meditation can be effortless.

Meditation connects you to the unchanging centre of your Being. 

Meditation is a doorway into the profoundness of your essential Being.

Learn the below techniques

You will receive 9 trainings and 9 meditations to explore:

  • Foundations of Functional Meditation

    Where you start and how you practice determines where you end up! Ava breaks down the basics to practice to set up for success.

  • Using the Breath

    The breath is an effortless tool for for healing, presence and stillness. Connect to your life-force energy and watch stress melt away.

  • Relaxation & Balance

    Meditation needs to be an expression of your naturalness. Learn techniques to help you relax and allow everything to be as it is.

  • Deconditioning and Healing

    Meditation brings love, presence and gratitude. Connect to these and watch your life, mind and body transform.

  • Stillness & Non-Dual Enquiry

    The nature of our Being is both the goal and a powerful part of the process. You are ultimately Stillness. This can be revealed.

Ava Irani

Your Teacher
Founder of Spanda School and Functional Spirituality

Ava first came into contact with physical yoga in 2008 while studying philosophy at the University of Sydney.

In 2010, Ava started attending long-form spiritual retreats in Australia, Thailand and India. Since 2013, Ava has taken hundreds of meditators into the deep silence and truth of the Heart, in both intensive and long-term study retreats. In 2016, she opened her yoga and meditation centre "Spanda School" in Fremantle, dedicated to bringing, both, non-dual wisdom and personal flourishing into everyday life.

It is Ava’s greatest joy to guide others and herself along the path of Spiritual transformation, aligning with life’s purpose and connecting to the Spanda or the innate enthusiasm of our hearts.

With a degree in Philosophy from the University of Sydney and considered as an academic with a thirst for spiritual knowledge, Ava has an innate gift for teaching and a generous attitude that touches each of her students in a loving way. Your time spent with Ava will bring a new inspiration to your life!

Commit to Yourself and Receive

We are here to hold space for this next stage in your self-care.

  • Community

    Join the live January 2022 cohort and receive module posts and support within the Start Meditation Facebook group to help you embody the lessons whilst also connecting with like-minded people.

  • Bonus Teaching

    With this course receive a bonus in-depth training on Boundaries for Alignment to support you to integrate meditation into your mindset.

  • Downloadable Meditations

    The meditations in this course are downloadable and yours to enjoy and support you in your meditation journey. You will also have access to a FREE weekly guided meditation with Ava every Monday morning 7 AM Perth time.

Feel confident to navigate the flow of life through cultivating a daily practice.

Connect inside.

Find space from thoughts. Honour yourself deeply, and watch your life transform.

Start Meditation is a step-by-step course delivered through a 21-day group experience. Like any spiritual commitment, you will go on a journey of self-discovery, connection and growth.

Getting in touch with who you are isn't just a step on your path, it is the goal as well. It needs to be easy, simple and daily.

A meditation practice will help you to find balance in your life between relaxation and effort. It also offers the deep joy and satisfaction that we can hold in the changing experiences and environments on the outside.

Start Meditation Today

Wherever you are in your practice, we look forward to supporting you to deepen, understand and connect.


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