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Deepen your spiritual path through philosophy, community connection and your essential heart nature.

This training is designed to remove obstacles for both professionals and those developing their yoga practice. You will receive:

  • A refined spiritual map for mastering mind, emotions, energy and mysticism

  • A unique, therapeutic yoga practice that you will love, understand and feel drawn to share

  • A meditation practice that is inspiring, interesting and effortless

  • A massive upgrade in your own intelligence, clarity and evolution

  • Clear maps and templates for teaching functional movement and meditation

  • A comprehensive understanding of the history, styles and pitfalls of Yoga

  • A deeper connection to YOUR alignment and uniqueness

  • Business and leadership development and mentoring

  • Anatomy for functional movement & nervous system regulation

Applications open June 2022

Access to resources begins June 15th, 2022.

Transform your life.

Invest in your WELLNESS with Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation and a healing connection to community.

Too often, yoga classes give cool effects, but no real results. 

It can take years before we realise we are going in circles. 

We believe that yoga can take us into deep meditation, HEAL us, bring fitness and transform our mind...

But how do we ensure it actually does that?

Functional Flow is born out of this inquiry. Not only is it possible, it is natural and simple, easy to learn and share. 

Yet, it's rare.

Luckily, there is a way to get all the meaningful transformation we most desire and need.

In this training, you can have confidence that a functional approach actually changes the way our body, mind and emotions function.

A functional approach will completely set you apart as a yoga teacher, and bring a deep, embodied wisdom to your own practice.

What is Functional Flow?

Functional strength and functional spirituality principles woven into a trauma-informed group practice.

Moving meditation can open up profound insights and healing. 

Functional Flow teaches us how to love moving.

If we are going to spend our precious time in a yoga class, we want to experience fitness, release, joy, healing and awareness of our infinite nature.

This unique style that blends enquiry into our infinite nature with functional, strength building and therapeutic movements of the body.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned teacher, we guarantee that learning this style will change everything for you.



✔  Life-changing, self-paced online modules 

✔ 10 in-person sessions over 8 months with Ava

✔ Monthly 'rest and integrate' group training call

✔ Simple and profound tools that you can understand and share

✔ Ready-made class plans and sequences

✔ On-demand library of classes and trainings for your own practice

✔ Unlimited live-stream classes with Ava

✔ Trauma-informed modules for both theory and practice

✔ Carefully spaced modules for time to rest, integrate and reflect

✔ Training for how to schedule, boundary and optimise organization

✔ 1:1 Access to Ava for mentoring and personal development

Ava Irani

Founder of Spanda School & Functional Spirituality

Hi, I’m Ava. I’m delighted to offer the Functional Flow Teacher Training as a synthesis of my life’s work as a yoga and meditation teacher.

Over the past 14 years, I’ve been exploring, both, the depths and the surface of spiritual practice. I spent 6 years living in yoga communities, renouncing normal life and practicing rigorously. Since moving back to Australia in 2015, I have been more interested in how to integrate deep spiritual practice into daily life, and how to optimise and clarify personal purpose and expression.

I’ve completed 2000+ hours of yoga training and my personal practice is well over 10,000 hours. With 5000+ hours of yoga and meditation teaching under my belt, I’ve delivered multiple yoga teacher trainings through my studio, Spanda School, in Australia and abroad. I’m sharing this because I have spent over a decade navigating the enormous number of pitfalls that lie on the yoga and spirituality path.

I’m thrilled to report that it gets easier to practice stillness when you simplify and refine your approach. If you’re interested in an approach that priorities meaningful results, and creates a connection with your students for life, then I would be delighted to guide you on your next steps of yoga and meditation training.
Ava Irani, Functional Spirituality & Spanda School

2022 pricing options

One time payment or 10 month payment plan option available.

2022 and 2023 dates

In-person modules for the 2022 program are held at Spanda School in Fremantle from 12noon - 5:30pm over the below dates.

Saturday in Studio Dates

Sunday Live Calls (9:30-10:30am) 

Sat 15th Oct 2022

Sat 12th Nov 2022

Sat 10th Dec 2022

Sat 11th Feb 2023 

Sat 11th March 2023

Sat 25th March 2022 

(2hr practice)

Sat 8th April 2022 

Sat 22nd April 2023 (12-345pm)

Sat 6th May 2023 (12-345pm)

Sat 20th May 2023 (12-345pm)

Sat 3rd June 2023 (12-345pm)

Sat 17th June 2023 (12-345pm)

Sun 23rd Oct 2022 

Sun 27th Nov 2022

Sun 22nd Jan 2023

Sun 19th Feb 2023


A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate is awarded upon the completion of these items within the 2022 course timeframe.

  • Attend all 10 in-person and online modules

  • Attend 25 yoga classes at Spanda School (in studio or live stream)

  • Attendance of (1) 7 day silent retreat during the course (to be booked and paid for seperately)

  • Completion of all on-line quizzes

  • Completion of all on-line modules

Let's do this the right way.

What if spirituality was simple?

What if the most direct path to Self-Realization brought us back to our common sense? What if we harnessed intuition, healing, community and nature on our pursuit of Self-Knowledge?

Meeting you where you are.

The best part about the Functional Flow Yoga Teacher Training is that it is designed to meet each individual where they are. Our 1:1 mentoring will help to untangle the obstacles and isolate what is most meaningful and relevant for you. With 100’s of handpicked resources, we will design a study program to go along with your group practice to make sure this is 10 months of incredible evolution.

This program is not for you

If you don’t have a sense of urgency inside to rise up into the most balanced version of yourself. If you don’t feel that you can trust the program or your facilitators, and if you don’t play full out. I recommend booking a short call with me or to fill out the application form to see if this course is right for you. 

Spaces are limited, and the group is carefully curated.


Ruby Carrabus

I found the course to be one of expansion and I am deeply grateful to have had such an experience. I honestly could not be more pleased with the content, the pace, the support and the sense of community. Ava’s knowledge, passion and encouragement were paramount to me and I cannot thank her enough. I feel as though she has given me direction. She has given me answers I didn’t even know I was looking for. She gave oxygen to the fire that resides inside me. I have come out the other side; my heart overflowing with loving inspiration, my mind full of perspective, my belly burning with a fiery passion and a deeper understanding of self.

Jules Ward

Deep love for Spanda School! Being a part of this community has added so much depth and love to my life. The meditation, yoga, courses, events, groups, retreats are all incredible and such an open and welcoming community. Ava is amazing and her teachings are so well articulated. The space feels like home. 5/5 stars

Emma Lou

From my experiences, the teachers are ''True''. I don't really know how else to describe it. the school is authentic, welcoming, offers unique workshops and events, and is very passionate about teaching intelligent Yoga.

Stefanos Sifandos

A beautiful space to connect, be nurtured, explore safely and grow within. Highly recommended. More than Yoga & Mindfulness - a community to expand and learn more about who you are.

FAQ for the 2022 FFYTT Program

  • What is the hourly workload per week?

    There will be 1 hour average of study per week as you make your way through the online trainings. We recommend attending/practicing yoga 2-3 times per week, however the requirement is 25 cited classes over the 8 months.

  • Will I be able to teach yoga after completing this course?

    This course provides you with knowledge required to offer yoga and meditation sessions. See Ava's article about yoga certifications here:

  • I'm not sure if I am the right fit for this program. How will I know?

    We recommend to fill out the application form - you will know after that if its the right fit or not as it asks you to reflect on key areas. You can always book in a Free 10 minute chat with Ava to discuss your suitability. Contact us to receive the booking link. After registering, you will be invited to book a longer 1:1 chat with Ava.

  • I want to learn about meditation and deepen my connection to myself, not teach yoga, is this course suitable for me?

    At least half of our attendees complete this course for personal reasons. This course presents information about the mind, body, emotions, spirituality and relating to life. It offers insight, training and perspective across many fronts.

  • Refunds

    Places are limited to 10 participants. Please note no refunds are given due to having access to all the material upon signing up. A refund may be deemed suitable at the discretion of the facilitator.

  • Do I require any special software for the course?

    No. The course will be hosted on Thinkific. No additional software is required.

  • What currency are payments charged in?

    All payments are charged in Australian Dollars and include GST for Australian Residents.

  • Copyright

    The course material is copyrighted and passing on or sharing the course material to another party is prohibited.